Orianna by Sagar Gondalia

Ori lives with her mom and her cuddle buddy Dobby the cat in Salt Lake City. Ori gets after it, and is equally comfortable sleeping at home on the floor as she is setting up a camp perimeter in the endless deserts of Utah. There's nothing Ori loves more than spending time with her mom.

Grace & Norman by Sagar Gondalia

Gracie and Norman live out on the wide open Wyoming plains outside of Hulett. They spend their days roaming around with the horses, the cats, and their parents. With stellar views of Devils tower and a new house under construction on a lot of empty prairie, it's pretty easy to see why they always seem to be in such a good mood.

Allez by Sagar Gondalia

Allez means "Go!" in french, and is commonly heard screamed across sport climbing crags, in France and around the world. Allez (or Ollie, as he's known to his less cultured friends) suits his namesake well: he likes to go. Whether he's going on and off your lap about five times a minute, or on his way to go climbing, Allez love to move. Recently rescued and adopted into a life on the road, Allez splits his time between Golden, Colorado and wherever his homely Vansion takes him.

Charlie by Sagar Gondalia

Charlie has had more than a few good years, and he's starting to slow down quite a bit, but that hasn't stopped him from indulging in his favorite pastime: putting as many tennis balls in his month at once as possible.

Chester by Sagar Gondalia

Chester and his dad have been running together his whole life. Whether the two have been trotting across the windswept high plains outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming, or hunting together across the Rocky Mountain West, Chester has always been a mover. He's getting older these days though, and is pretty content with a couple miles each morning, and a lot of time napping with his buddies, the cats.

Alfie by Sagar Gondalia

There's no getting around it: Alfie doesn't like being left behind. Alfie is part of the family, and when he's left in puppy prison he's a pretty confused guy. The rest of the time though, he's about as sweet as sweet can get.

Noosu by Sagar Gondalia

Noosu was recently rescued in Boulder, Colorado, and the little dude could not be more stoked. Stoked about balls. Stoked about hikes. Stoked about trees. Stoked about food. This dog is excited, and can't wait to share a good time with you.

Yogi by Sagar Gondalia

Yogi can't seem to figure out if he's a crazy puppy, or a wise old dog. Recently adopted into a Denver family, Yogi is certain he likes it here and he likes beer. And he can't wait for his first winter in the mountains!

Dolly by Sagar Gondalia

D$ (D-Money) was found, less than a year old and pregnant, wandering around a dollar store in Kansas City. Rescued back to Denver and adopted into a family with two cats, Dolly went from coarse hair and worm ridden, to the perpetual lap dog. She bounds, leaps, and squiggles from lap to lap around a room, until the people are too tired to maintain a reasonable posture. At which point Dolly is entirely content falling asleep on top of / next to / underneath any human body she can find.

Vega by Sagar Gondalia

Vega is a Great Dane rescue, and boy is she excited about her upgraded digs. She sticks like Velcro to her mom, and lumbers around seemingly in awe of how good life has become.

Will by Sagar Gondalia

Will is a dog of many talents. His dad's companion for well over a decade now, he's a hiker, a climber, a runner and a ball fetcher. Mostly though, Will is a drinker. I've never met a dog who can consume the vast oceans of water that Will seems to require. He's starting to feel his age these days, but his utterly unconditional love for his dad remains hugely obvious.

Remy and Cody by Sagar Gondalia

You'd think a hyperactive Aussie would make life tough for a slower thinking Rottweiler, but Remy and Cody use their strengths to provide childcare to their sisters. Remy does the herding and playing and Cody does the ... well Cody just lets the kids do whatever they want to her.

Willow by Sagar Gondalia

Willow is a runner. When mom is running, Willow is running too. When mom is biking? Willow is still running. A desert dog through and through, she's recently moved south from Flagstaff Arizona to the warmer and more traditionally desert climes of Tucson, and is learning more about the mountains and trails around every day.

Willie Nelson Mandela and Co by Sagar Gondalia

Probably the best named dog I know, Nelson was rescued from the Dumb Friends League in Colorado and has found himself happily living in a house full of animals in eastern Phoenix. Along with a pair of dogs, Gigi and Grace, and a bunny, his mom and dad are often dog sitting all of his best friends, like the Great Dane Ashley.

Octavius by Sagar Gondalia

Octavius, or as he's known around the house, Gus Gus, packs an unreal amount of personality in a hefty 5 pound package.

When he's not cuddled up on a lap on the couch, he can often be found on guard at the window, ensuring mom and dad aren't in any danger from incoming threats on Lake Michigan.