Sagar Gondalia (@gondalia)

Hi, my name is Sagar and I'm a dog photographer based in Anchorage, Alaska. I specialize in dog portraiture, and would love to schedule a shoot with your pup! Follow along with the dogs I work with on my professional Instagram page @thefodographer.

Although I do focus most of my work with dogs, I'd love to do a shoot with any of your beloved animals, so contact me today to book a session!

Raised in Wyoming, I've since lived all across the US. My best friends Voo and Tux and I are super excited to have recently relocated to Anchorage, Alaska.

I did my undergrad at Boston College and served in the US Peace Corps in Kazakhstan, after which I moved to Phoenix and worked on the business side of healthcare. After relocating back to Colorado's front range, I started and eventually sold a healthcare business and have since been climbing around the country and guiding on Devils Tower in northeast Wyoming.

Although I'm a photographer with more than a few hobbies, my biggest love is unequivocally for dogs.

In addition to dogs and climbing I love to ski and read and although my dogs Vedauwoo (VEE-dah-voo) and Tux also like to go climbing, they certainly prefer food, scratches and have now spent years on the professional dog napping circuit. 


Vedauwoo (@vootheberner)

Weighing in at 105 pounds, and perpetually asleep in the coldest part of the house, Vedauwoo was born on the Colorado / Wyoming border, and has traveled the country with me for years. In addition to creating dust bunnies around the house, Voo tries to be a consistent role model to his younger brother Tux. You can likely find this incognito bear sleeping at his favorite Anchorage dog park, Valley of the Moon.


Tux (@tuxedomanconlin)

Weighing in at a solid 23.5 pounds, and perpetually bothering his older brother Voo, this Chihuahua - Boston Terrier - Akita - Golden Retriever mix is always eager to be in front, and still single and looking for love on Tinder. You're most likely to meet this handsome devil at his favorite Anchorage dog park, Valley of the Moon.