Sagar Gondalia (@gondalia)

Raised in Wyoming, and long since globe trotting, my roommate Voo and I have returned to Denver and our beloved Rocky Mountains.

I did my undergrad at Boston College and served in the US Peace Corps in Kazakhstan, after which I moved to Phoenix and worked on the business side of healthcare. After relocating back to the front range, I started and eventually sold a healthcare business and have since been climbing around the country and guiding on Devils Tower in northeast Wyoming.

Although I'm a photographer with more than a few hobbies, my biggest love is unequivocally for dogs.

I'm also an avid climber, skier, and reader and although my dog Vedauwoo (VEE-dah-voo) also likes to go climbing, he certainly prefers food, scratches and has now spent years on the professional dog napping circuit. 

Vedauwoo (@vootheberner)

Weighing in at 110 pounds, and perpetually asleep in the coldest part of the house, Vedauwoo was born on the Colorado / Wyoming border, and has traveled the country with me for years. In addition to creating dust bunnies around the house, Voo helps write for The Dog Blog.